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Rush Rhees on Religion and Philosophy (ver.1 - EPUB).epub

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EDITOR: D. Z. Phillips, University of Wales, Swansea and Claremont Graduate School, California
AVAILABILITY: Unavailable - out of print June 2003
FORMAT: Hardback
ISBN: 9780521564106

Rush Rhees (1905–1989) was a philosopher, and a pupil and close friend of Ludwig Wittgenstein. While some of Rhees's own published papers became classics, most of his work remained unpublished during his lifetime. After his death, his papers were found to comprise sixteen thousand pages of manuscript on every aspect of philosophy, from philosophical logic to Simone Weil. This collection of unpublished papers, edited by D. Z. Phillips, includes Rhees's outstanding work on philosophy and religion. Written over an academic lifetime, some of the papers are sympathetic to religion while others are not. It is Rhees's ability to interweave the personal and philosophical, and his integrity and intellectual honesty, which make this one of the most impressive books in twentieth-century philosophy of religion.

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