Maximum space and security for your data

Back up your files to Ulož.to Disk and get unlimited access to your data anytime, anywhere. Files are safely stored and protected against loss or damage.

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Share easily and securely

Data is secured with end-to-end encryption so we don't even know what's in it.

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Plenty of space

With plans up to 200 TB you will always have enough space for all your data. Disk also offers a FREE plan, which is no charge and can store up to 50 GB of files.

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Data security

Your files are stored on our secure servers and are protected from loss or damage. The service uses state-of-the-art technology to protect your files from unauthorized access.

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Modern applications

Always have your files at your fingertips. With our apps, you can upload or download files from any device with an internet connection, and thanks to the automatic backup of Disk for Windows, your local files are automatically copied to the cloud.

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To get started, you can try the FREE plan, which offers 50GB of complimentary space, and then upgrade to higher plans to suit your needs. All plans are offered in monthly and annual subscription options. Buying an annual subscription is always more convenient.

50 GB
10 TB
6.50 USD / month
50 TB
16 USD / month
100 TB
32 USD / month
200 TB
64 USD / month